ribbon The Canadian Association of Nurses in HIV/AIDS Care (CANAC) is a national professional nursing organization committed to fostering excellence in HIV/AIDS nursing, promoting the health, rights and dignity of persons affected by HIV/AIDS and to preventing the spread of HIV infection.

CANAC’s members hail from all regions of Canada working in clinical practice, education, research and/or administration. We have a proud history of working in collaboration with other nursing organizations and with the international HIV/AIDS community. Volunteerism and solidarity with those affected by HIV/AIDS are the heart and soul of our organization.

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  • 25th Annual Conference

    CANAC is hosting its 25th Annual National Conference from May 4–6, 2017 in Regina, Saskatchewan.

    Find all the details here, including the Call for Abstracts and Sponsorship Package.


What’s New

Conference Update!

March, 2017


We are delighted to welcome Richard Elliot, Executive Director of the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network who will be presenting “Science + Rights: The Ongoing, Multi-Pronged Effort to End Unjust and Unhealthy HIV Criminalization”

Richard has been on staff at the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network since 1999 and Executive Director since 2007. He has guided the Legal Network’s litigation in key HIV-related court cases in Canada and internationally. He has authored numerous reports, papers and articles on a range of legal and human rights issues in the context of HIV, and appears regularly in the media as an expert in the field.

Heroin Assisted Treatment information

March, 2017

Visit our new page on Harm Reduction to learn about Heroin Assisted Treatment.   For a powerful introduction, click on the link to learn from patients and staff at Vancouver’s  Crosstown Clinic

2016 Board Nominations!

April, 2016

The call for Board Nominations for the 2016-2018 Board Years is now open!

Click Here for the nomination package Board Nominations 2016 EN

Position Statement for the Support of Nurses Living with HIV

November, 2015

Read CANAC’s new Position Statement, here.

LGBTI human rights

October, 2015

CANAC endorses the Dignity Initiative to advance LGBTI human rights globally.

Access to medicines

October, 2015

CANAC joins other organizations to raise questions about the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement and its impact on access to medicines.

Support. Don’t Punish

June, 2015

CANAC joins the international campaign Support. Don’t Punish.

HIV core competencies

June, 2015

CANAC publishes the result of a pilot project on HIV core competencies.

Human rights and drug policy

May, 2015

CANAC participates in a joint submission to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights regarding human rights and drug policy.


May, 2015

The work of CANAC is featured in the Canadian Nurse.

CANAC at the Senate

May, 2015

CANAC testifies at the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs.

Bill C-2 at the Senate

April, 2015

CANAC submits brief on Bill C-2 to the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs.

Download the PDF

Coalition for SIS

March, 2015

The Coalition of Nurses and Nursing Students for Supervised Injections Services

The Coalition of Nurses and Nursing Students for Supervised Injections Services is launched.


February, 2015

CANAC joins the Canadian UNGASS Working Group (UNGASS stands for United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Drugs).

Bill C-2 at the House of Commons

October, 2014

CANAC submits brief on Bill C-2 to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security.

Download the PDF

Supporting students

March, 2014

Nursing students develop video against Bill C-2 with the support of CANAC.

Watch here.

Harm Reduction = Nursing Care Facebook campaign

January, 2014

CANAC launches the Harm Reduction = Nursing Care Facebook campaign in partnership with the Canadian Nurses Association and the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association.

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